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My name is Melanie Todaro. I am a qualified Speech Pathologist with over 13 years servicing the Werribee and surrounding areas. I have experience with child and adolescent speech and communication needs.

I have a strong background in working with children in a school setting. My passion is for assisting children with articulation, language and pre literacy skills.

Having worked with children with sound disorders, learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder and other difficulties my skills and knowledge are extensive.

Speech (Articulation Skills)

Refers to the intelligibility of a child’s speech; the correct pronunciation of specific sounds. Sounds are acquired at different stages of a child’s development and each child’s level of acquisition is assessed and treated on an individual level.


Refers to the receptive and expressive language capabilities.

Receptive language includes areas of;

  • Comprehension (auditory and written)
  • Understanding and following instructions
  • Word associations and vocabulary

Expressive language includes areas of;

  • Grammar use
  • Sentence formulation
  • Short term auditory memory
  • Word definitions
  • Expressive vocabulary

Pre Literacy Skills/Phonological Awareness

Skills required in becoming a competent reader and speller including the efficiency of syllables, rhyme, sound onset and letter/sound knowledge.

Pragmatic Language/Social Skills

Refers to one’s ability in initiating and maintaining social interactions, turn taking, body language and conversation skills.



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